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Have you found yourself searching for your next career opportunity and not sure where to turn for help? An executive search firm can help you successfully land your next role. Choosing a firm to work with can be an overwhelming task. Here are Coley Company’s top tips for helping you choose the right firm…(Read More)

Landis Connor joined the Coley Company team in the fall of 2019 as a Recruiter. Landis comes from a Human Resources background, where she spent time working closely with employees and co-workers to solve problems and find solutions that worked for all. In her past, Landis focused on recruiting for a variety of roles…(Read More)

10 Year anniversary of Coley Company

May 2020 marks the 10th year of Coley Company, an executive search firm for apparel, textile, and nonwoven product companies. Prior to the start of Coley Company, Denise Davis worked with me at Adkins and Associates for over eleven years. As I thought about starting a search firm, it could only happen with Denise on…(Read More)

How has COVID-19 affected you? We are all living in a different world right now. Things are changing daily, and we are trying to adjust accordingly. Yes, life may be more challenging right now, but how can we grow in this time of change? One thing that has not changed is the season; spring…(Read More)

Have you ever wondered about the best way to resign from your job? Rest assured that you aren’t alone in this. Resigning can be intimidating after many years with your company and the strong relationships you have with your supervisors and co-workers.  There are many ways to resign, but remember to resign…(Read More)

It is not uncommon that employees often walk away from what seems to be a great company. There are often factors behind the scenes that drive these key players to leave their company. High turnover rates not only affect your company’s revenue, but it also has a negative impact on employee morale. When talking…(Read More)

It is an inevitable question at any interview….” Why are you looking to make a change?” It is extremely important how you answer this question. Companies usually ask this question so they can get a feel for how likely you are to stay with them if they offer you the job. While it is best…(Read More)

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