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What to Look for in an Executive Search Firm


Have you found yourself searching for your next career opportunity and not sure where to turn for help? An executive search firm can help you successfully land your next role. Choosing a firm to work with can be an overwhelming task. Here are Coley Company’s top tips for helping you choose the right firm to yield the best results for your career path

1. Does the firm specialize in your industry?

If the firm you are researching specializes in the industry you work in, they are much more likely to place you in the right role to propel you forward in your career. Niched firms often have a better understanding of what you are looking for within your industry. They will have more clients and opportunities that are specific to your industry experience and expertise

2. Does the firm have a trustworthy website or LinkedIn presence?

Reputable companies are known for having a positive online presence. This can be a social media page or a website of their own. On their site page or social media page, be sure to look for reviews or testimonials. Reviews or testimonials will allow you to see what others who have worked with them have to say about their experience. Be leery if the firm has no online presence. This doesn’t always mean that they are not legitimate, but it can be a clue as to potentially troubled roads ahead.

3. Is there a professional flow of communication when you are working on a specific job opportunity?

If you are working with the firm on a specific job opportunity, do they respond in a timely manner? You should always try to do your research on a firm before you reach out to them directly. If you happen to reach out to a firm that is not niched in your industry, do they share recommendations of other firms who are? If you are going to work with an executive search firm, trust and communication are essential.

Coley Company is niched in the textile, apparel, and nonwoven industries. If you are looking for your next career move and are niched in one of our industries, please reach out to us today. Our passion is helping clients and candidates find their perfect fit.

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