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Coley Company Celebrates Our 12th Anniversary


Join us in celebration of our 12th anniversary!

Coley Company has reached a huge milestone that we are excited to share with all of our clients and employees on our 12th anniversary. How exciting! After many years of working together as a recruiting company, our executive search firm has grown into a company we can be proud of, always ensuring we put our clients first. Here’s how we started and how far we’ve come since then.

How Coley Company Got Started

Doug and Denise first sparked the idea behind Coley Company while they were working together at a previous company. Doug decided it was time to branch out on his own. On his way out, he also asked Denise if she wanted to join in on his new venture. She said yes, and that’s how Coley Company got started. We started out as two people, and now we are at a total of five people.

Since then, the mission of Coley Company has been fueled by a passion for helping professional individuals and companies within the apparel, textiles, and nonwoven industries.

Our Company Values at Coley Company

Coley Company holds strong values that we take pride in every day. We aim to provide a personalized experience for each of our clients. Whether you’re a company looking for that perfect candidate or are in search of a new opportunity, we strive for more than simply churning out job after job.

We genuinely care about the long-term success and goals of companies and candidates that come to us. We pride ourselves on forming authentic, personal connections with everyone that comes to us rather than treating people as a number or potential commission. It’s our priority to form personalized, unique experiences for both individuals and companies of all sizes. We provide meaningful value to all clients and work with them through the thick and thin of the recruiting process.

What’s Made Coley Company Successful

Beyond building a relationship and helping each client achieve their goals, we are experts in our recruiting industry. Instead of working across multiple fields, we specialize in apparel, textiles, and nonwoven product companies, so we truly know the industry and understand the needs of every job function, including niche roles. This enables us to find the ideal candidates for companies and excellent opportunities for job seekers. Each client who turns to us receives individual attention and an expert recruiter in their industry.

All of this is what has given Coley Company lasting success over the last 12 years, and we’re proud to celebrate it. Because we are focused on the apparel, textile, and nonwoven product industries, we can find people with rare skill sets related to our niche markets. If you want to experience our personalized service and work with professionals who have over 25 years of experience in apparel, textiles, and nonwoven product companies, call (336-218-6637) or email us today.

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