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Textile Placement Success Story


At Coley Company, we know that every person we place is unique. That’s why we work closely with your individual needs to ensure a personalized experience designed to meet your career goals in the textile, apparel, or nonwoven industry. One of the most important parts of our recruiting process is getting to know you and understanding your long-term career goals. 

Below is one of the many success stories in which we helped a company that was looking for a very specific and hard-to-find skill set with an ideal candidate that had many complex requirements for their job search. In the end, we met everyone’s goals, so it was a win for all. Here’s how it all came together.

Company Needed Very Specific Skills

When a textile-based startup came to us, they were looking for a senior research and development person for their new bio-based textile product. They were looking for someone with a textile background and reached out to Coley Company because they knew we placed candidates in their industry.

Candidate Looking for a Dream Position

At around the same time that the startup company reached out to us, we knew a candidate looking for a job and struggling to find one that utilized his Ph.D. in physics and textile background and met his location and time constraints. He was wanting a position that would challenge and excite him as a professional. While he was able to find prospective positions on his own, he was not having much luck with finding his dream position. That’s where we came in.

 What Hurdles Need to be Considered

On both sides, the company and the candidate had a lot of specific goals. The company needed a person that was experienced in textiles, but beyond that, they weren’t quite sure what to look for in a potential candidate. The company’s research and development team consisted of people that had bioscience backgrounds or chemistry backgrounds. Unfortunately, no one on the team knew much about how fabrics work and needed to perform, so we knew they had to bridge that gap. It was then we realized they also needed someone that knew not only about textiles but bio-based raw material as well.

 This person came to us because he was having trouble finding a role that made use of his background and applied his interests. In addition, there were some restrictions that we needed to consider. Not only did the candidate want a job that utilized his rare combination of skill sets, but he also needed the role to be in Michigan, which we knew would be difficult due to a low number of textile jobs. In addition, he wanted to be settled in his new location before his wife gave birth in three months, making the probability even less we could meet all the requirements. 

Connecting the Dots Using Our Network and Expertise

Both of these situations had very specific requirements, but when speaking with them both we realized there were dots to connect between them. When we spoke with the company about what they were looking for, we knew that our Ph.D. candidate with a textiles background would be the perfect fit. The candidate had work experience in product development with yarn and fabric and had experience in bio-based raw materials, which is extremely rare.  

Coincidentally, the company was moving their research and development facility from Montana to Michigan, exactly where our candidate wanted to move. They also needed someone to set up and organize their advanced textile testing equipment, and they had to understand textile testing. We immediately knew our Ph.D. candidate was the perfect fit. 

By tapping into our knowledge, resources, and experience recruiting in the textile industry, we could give both the company and the candidate exactly what they wanted. Our candidate was also able to move to Michigan and happily begin his position before his wife gave birth, and everyone got what they wanted. 

Why We Have Lasting Success

This is just one example of many successful placements. We have long-term success because we are deeply embedded in the industry. We know the key players who are very hard to find. They feel confident coming to us and trusting us with advising them in their job search. We also provide valuable knowledge of what our clients need, even if they don’t know.

We’ve been in the Apparel, Textile, and Nonwoven industries for over 25 years, so we know how to find the best candidates even if it’s a rare skill set such as a textile background combined with a Ph.D. Our vast network can help you land a job or fill open roles quickly and efficiently, call ( 336-218-6637) or email us today.

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