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This summer I will celebrate 30 years in executive search. I am thankful for all I have learned and am still learning every day. As I reflect over the years, I have seen a lot of changes in executive search for the apparel, textile, and nonwoven industries, but there are several things that have stayed…(Read More)

My textile roots took shape when I was in third grade, when I toured the Dan River Mills Plant in Danville, Virginia — my hometown. I got to touch the raw cotton piled high in the bins lining the plant floor. The plant manager described the process of growing cotton and how it takes root…(Read More)

As a recruiter, I know that the people on your reference list tells a lot about you. Your reference list can secure your future with a company or immediately send your name to the bottom of the pile. Being strategic with your references will eliminate any questions about your past work history. Here are four…(Read More)

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