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Coley Company Announces a New Team Member


Landis Connor joined the Coley Company team in the fall of 2019 as a Recruiter. Landis comes from a Human Resources background, where she spent time working closely with employees and co-workers to solve problems and find solutions that worked for all. In her past, Landis focused on recruiting for a variety of roles within the scientific and textile areas.

Textiles go far back into Landis’ family tree. “My great-grandparents and great uncles and aunts all worked in textile mills at some point in their life. Growing up, I would hear stories of the raw materials they used and the machines or processes that were used to make various products. I never imagined that I would also end up working so closely with the textile industry when I was older, just in a different way.”

Landis thoroughly enjoys helping candidates find their true passion in their careers. She appreciates getting to know each candidate and working with them on a personal level to ensure that their next career move is going to be the right fit. “I truly enjoy each call I have with candidates. With each person I speak to, I learn something new. I want to know where their passion lies, what they enjoy, and don’t enjoy doing. By having these meaningful conversations it allows me to make sure that I am matching them up with the right opportunities. There is no better feeling than knowing that you helped someone land their dream job. That is what excites me about coming into work every day.”

Landis applies her previous work experience in manufacturing environments to the searches she works. Her past experiences help her to understand the processes and the challenges that each role faces. “Each role that you work on is unique in many ways, and it is important to make sure you fully understand all of the details of each role to find the perfect fit for the company and the candidate.”

Landis graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in December of 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Communications Studies. She will be returning to school in the upcoming year to obtain her Master’s in Business Administration. Landis and her husband, Cole, reside in Liberty, North Carolina. When Landis isn’t working, she enjoys showing horses and spending time with her friends and family.

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