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Coley Company Celebrates 10 Years


May 2020 marks the 10th year of Coley Company, an executive search firm for apparel, textile, and nonwoven product companies. Prior to the start of Coley Company, Denise Davis worked with me at Adkins and Associates for over eleven years. As I thought about starting a search firm, it could only happen with Denise on my team. Denise, Nancy Coley, my wife, and I started Coley Company in May of 2010. There was a little uncertainty of how things would go, being as the 2008-2009 economic crisis was still improving. We were armed with a plan and were very successful in the first year and the years to follow. We have grown our business with new clients and helped candidates fulfill their career dreams.

Over the years, things have changed a little at Coley Company. We have grown from three to five associates. Ross Coley, my son, joined Coley Company in 2016 and has continued to find success in building his client base. Nancy Coley, my wife, is the glue that holds everything together as she handles all the financial and administrative duties. Landis Penry joined our team in October of 2019. Landis has done a great job of learning our niche markets and identifying talent for our client companies.  Denise has developed her clients with twenty-two years of experience working with apparel, textile, and nonwoven companies. What once began in a small office for two has grown and now is an office of five, with the team often working remotely. Coley Company is doing more business than ever with global companies that are headquartered outside of the United States. Our international clients call us to fill their positions in the United States.

What I find most rewarding is helping people find jobs that improve the quality of their life as well as helping them to achieve their career goals. I also enjoy developing relationships with new client companies. I am the first call made when our long-term clients have a critical talent need and that is a gratifying feeling. In the end, it is all about helping people find greater success.

Here at Coley Company, we want to take a moment to thank all of our past and current clients and candidates that have been a part of our success. We welcome new partnerships with the excitement of potential opportunities. For the past ten years, Coley Company has served the apparel, textile, and nonwoven industries to provide top talent. When you find yourself wanting to make a career change or needing a new team player, give Coley Company a call. 

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