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Our three-step approach to recruit the right candidate for your job.


Finding the right candidate for your job is not necessarily just about focusing on job postings. You must engage with people and have an ongoing dialogue to find the right person. Job Boards, Facebook and LinkedIn only go so far in this complex world of digital and social media.  In reality, only a very small percentage of the candidates we receive via digital platforms end up being the candidate that fits the position. Our search process is labor intensive and we are proud to say that it works.
First, we put together a target list of companies where people are employed who would fit our job. After being in the apparel, textile and non-woven industries for more than 20 years, we know the right places to find people with the specific skill set for your position. We speak to people we know at the target companies.
Second, we have an open and honest conversation with each person. We learn about their career goals, their strengths and weaknesses, their families, etc., and we determine if they are the right person for the job. These are the conversations that are crucial to filling the job. What we learn in these conversations are not found on a resume and cannot be completed in an online job application.
Third, if they are not the right person for our position, we ask them who they know that might be a good fit. This process of networking helps us get a little closer to finding the right candidate. When we speak with people who are not the right fit for our job, often times we have another role that is better suited for them. Getting to know each candidate personally is very important because it allows us to consider a different role that may be perfect for them.
At the core of these steps is relationship building and trust. Two things that cannot be accomplished through job boards, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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