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What Not to Say in an Interview


It is an inevitable question at any interview….” Why are you looking to make a change?” It is extremely important how you answer this question. Companies usually ask this question so they can get a feel for how likely you are to stay with them if they offer you the job. While it is best to give a reason for change, it can be tricky navigating this question. Here are a few tips on what to say and what not to say the next time you are asked this in an interview.

One of the worst answers to the question of “Why are you considering a change?” is to say, “I always like to keep my eyes open.” As soon as the company hears this answer, they are wondering how many months you will be with them before you have your eyes open about a new job.

You should share reasonable and factual reasons for wanting to make a career change. For example, your company may be unstable. This is a simple, honest answer that is not negative but gives interviewers a clear answer on why you want to pursue other opportunities. Another example would be the culture. If you choose to share that culture is the reason you are looking to make a job change, be prepared to share what you feel is wrong with the culture at your current company. These reasons should be very black and white.

Always remember to never say anything negative about your current employer. Anything negative will reflect poorly upon you. The company that you are interviewing with will think there is a problem with you and not a problem with the company. Obviously, there are times when there are negative things happening and you may want to share them, but it is best to be brief and remain positive.

Utilize the support of a recruiter to help you in these sticky situations. If you have very personal reasons for leaving your current employer, the recruiter can discuss these troubles with you and present the right information to the company to alleviate any stress and confusion for both parties. This way you will not be viewed in a negative light by the company you are interviewing with. For example, at your current role you may be working too many hours or your employer may be asking you to make unethical choices. The recruiter can share your concern and it will not reflect poorly toward you.

Interview questions can be tricky, but if you prepare and use the services of a recruiter, your success will be much more likely.

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