Why My Candidates Always Want To Join My Best Client Companies

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Why My Candidates Always Want To Join My Best Client Companies

by Doug Coley

When my candidates follow up with me after interviews with my very best clients, they all want the job. Why? Because my best clients know how to present their companies and their job opportunities so everyone wants to work for them.

They use the following strategies when interviewing candidates:

1. They define why a candidate should be excited to work for their company. It’s no longer just about salary and a 401(k). Today, candidates want to know about your company’s ‘why.’ Why does your company exist? What is its mission? Then, define why the candidate should join you in this mission.

2. They explain what it’s like to work for their company. They speak to the culture of the company. Storytelling can work well here. Share stories of some of your employees’ recent challenges and successes and how people have grown their careers with your company.

3. When interviewing, they treat candidates as they’d like to be treated themselves. Consider the interview a conversation between equals. Encourage the candidate to express any concerns he/she may have about your company or the job opportunity.

4. They’re transparent. Answer the candidate’s questions honestly. If you try to paint a picture of absolute perfection, the candidate will sense the lack of authenticity.

5. They’re proactive. Don’t wait for the candidate to ask these questions. Keep a checklist, remembering that each interview is an opportunity to sell your company and the success of your team.

Interviewing is a two-way street. You’re not only interviewing a job candidate, but he or she is also interviewing your company. In this era of social sharing, of the good and the bad, you’ll want to put your best foot forward in selling your company during an interview. Your interview strategy is successful if every person you interview wants to join your company above all others.

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