How To Avoid The Counter Offer

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The number one issue that arises in a job change is The Counter Offer. Picture this, you resign from your company and your employer offers you an awesome opportunity to remain with them even after you shared plans to leave. They offer to increase your salary or promote you if you will stay. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you had known this information before you started your job search?  In this case, your employer values your work and wants you to stay so they make you a counter offer.

If you decide to stay and accept the counter offer, then you are left in a position of weakness that leads to an awkward relationship with your current company, and it can cause additional problems in the future. You will be viewed as a less loyal employee. Your company may think they were forced to offer you more money, and they may not be happy with your higher salary. In order to prevent the counter offer, consider these ideas first. This could save you time, effort and maybe you will be happier in the end.

Before you begin the job search, talk with your current supervisor: Have a conversation about why you are unhappy in your current role. You do not need to disclose your interest in leaving the company, but you do need to be honest about your desire for change. Talk about what changes could be done in your current role for you to be happy with your company.

Share your desire for different responsibilities in a positive manner: Describe your career goals and the job responsibilities you hope to find with your current company. Paint a picture of the role you want to aspire to in your company. Describe the duties and responsibilities that you are most interested in. Say something like, “I really enjoy working for you and our company. I want to remain here long term, but the role I would like to have most in the company is…” “The duties and responsibilities I am most excited about include…”

Before you start your job search, decide if you would stay for a pay increase. If you were to share your plans to leave your current company, and your supervisor offered you more money to stay, would you stay? If so, then you need to make that point known to your supervisor before you begin your job search. You may say something like, “I am trying to provide for my family and I want to maximize my earning potential here within the company. What can I do to put myself in a position to make more money?”

Make sure you have done all you can to make your current job and company meet your goals and expectations before you start your job search. The point is, you do not want to be caught off guard by the counter offer conversation. If the counter offer conversation comes up, you are ready. You can then confidently make a move to a new and better career opportunity.


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