Hit The Bull’s-Eye With Your Job Search

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Hit the Bull’s-Eye With Your Job Search

by Doug Coley

There are about a million companies in the world to work for.  But, the question is how do I find the company that wants to hire me just as bad as I want to work for them?

The goal of your job search is to find the company that will most value your work experience and maximize your career growth. The best way to manage your job search and all the possible companies where you could secure a job, is to draw a diagram of a dartboard. In the bull’s-eye, make a list of the companies that have the most interest in hiring you. This list should contain the names of companies that would value you the most. Your skills should align with their needs.

Think of the role you are in today, a company in the bull’s-eye of your dartboard may be a competitor to your current company and it may also be a company that has the same processes as your current company’s line of work. Research who these companies are, get to know them and focus on these companies as your bull’s-eye target companies.

In the first ring outside of the bull’s-eye, list companies that make different products but sell to the same customer base as your current company, or companies that have the same processes as your current company but sell to different customers. The list in the first ring will help you focus your time once you have exasperated all options within your bull’s-eye.

In the second ring outside of the bull’s-eye, you should list companies that are suppliers to your current company. This can also be a list of companies that you sell to today. Your vendors and current customers are companies that you should focus on last.

Once you have your target map complete, you can begin connecting with the companies where you aspire to secure a job. Begin by researching companies in your Bull’s eye, then move to the companies listed in your first ring, and lastly focus on the companies in your second ring. This process will help to organize your time and clearly focus your job search.

Out of all the companies listed, when you find the company that values your skills, experience and personality the most, that’s when you know you’ve hit the bull’s-eye.



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