Current Best Hiring Practices

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Current Best Hiring Practices

by Doug Coley

With hiring on the uptick, I’ve compiled a list of today’s best hiring practices. Whether you’re engaging a recruiter or going it alone, adhering to these practices can save you from a hiring mistake.

  1. Prescreen candidates by phone. Be sure to ask targeted questions early in the interview process. Doing this by phone will save you lots of time.
  2. Look beyond the resume. A candidate with the right experience on paper may seem like the proverbial bull’s-eye. But, if he/she is coming from a different corporate culture than yours, the overall fit may not be right after all.
  3. Go beyond the usual interview questions. Ask questions to help you learn more about a candidate’s thinking and decision-making style. Here are a few examples:
  • When was the last time you had to meet a tight deadline or work under pressure? How did that feel?
  • In the past, when you’ve realized you’ve made an obvious error, how have you handled the situation?
  • Have you ever seen someone you work with do something unethical? If so, how did you handle that situation?
  1. Check references. Of course, most candidates will share references who will speak highly of them. A candidate’s list of references can be telling, as well. As we wrote in an earlier post, look for candidates who freely use their past boss(es) as references.
  2. Conduct background checks. With the rise in workplace violence, corporate fraud and employee theft, background screening is a necessity. Find a reputable provider who you can work with seamlessly.


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