Cotton is a High-Tech Product

January 21, 2014 Industry News Leave a comment

Cotton is a High-Tech Product

by Denise Davis

According to a new series on NPR’s Planet Money, “the U.S. has perfected cotton by treating it as a high-tech product.” From seeds designed in labs, to the giant robots farmers use to harvest their cotton, the technology gets better and better every year. See the NPR article and film here.

At Coley Company, the majority of the searches we provide today are with companies producing high performance or technical fabrics. During our 25 years in apparel, textiles and nonwovens, we have kept pace with our ever-changing industry. Our client companies call on us to fill their critical positions — we speak their language and understand the technical terms specific to their search.

Some of Coley Company’s recent technical placements include:

Nonwovens Technical Director

Sr. Director of Marketing – Apparel

Vice President of Sales – Apparel

Automotive Quality Manager – Nonwovens

Process Engineering Manager – Fabrics

Application Engineer – Nonwovens


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