Client Services

Contingency or Retained Search for Apparel, Textiles and Nonwovens

Coley Company delivers both contingency and retained search consulting. Manager to Director level searches are typically handled on a contingency basis. Vice President and C-level position searches are best handled on a retained basis.

Our process allows us to find that true ‘A-Player’ required for your team to succeed. We work closely with you to clearly define the tangible and intangible skills needed for the position — a critical step in achieving the highest level of success for our clients.

Contingency Search

Our contingency search process is more detailed and thorough than that of other search firms. While working on a contingency basis, the last thing you need from us is more resumes; therefore we typically only select one or two candidates for your opening.

When you consider our candidates, you can be sure they have the skills and track record you seek. Our referrals are successful due to our thorough background investigations. We call all candidates’ supervisors from their previous 10 years of work experience to give you a complete summary of their comments. The references have been completed before your first interaction with our candidates.

Coley Company garners results. Our recent evaluations show that 70% of first interviews resulted in placements. Need help negotiating? We can help negotiate the offer needed to gain acceptance from our candidate. Our acceptance success rate is 90%.

Retained Search

  • Need the highest search intelligence in the marketplace?
  • Have a mission critical search that must be handled confidentially?
  • Need to let the industry know your search is very critical?

If so, then we should work with you on a retained basis.

The Coley Company retained search process is unique. We only require an engagement fee to be paid at the beginning of the search process. The balance of our fee is paid once the candidate starts to work for your team. We earn our referral fee after we provide the results you are seeking.

Contact us now to discuss which of our search processes is right for you.