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4 Signs It’s Time to Make a Job Change


Time and time again I talk with people who have a hard time trying to decipher if it is time to make a job change. Making a job change can be challenging and scary, but if you take time to critically think through your goals, you may find the right answer.

It may be time to change jobs if…

You are not being challenged. If your current work performance is suffering because you are not being challenged enough, then that is a red flag. Your role should require enough critical thinking to keep you interested, but not too much that you cannot reach your goals.

You are unhappy. When it comes to happiness in the workplace, think about whether your personality and values align with the culture and mission of your company. Do you find value in your work? Are you passionate about the company? Do you fit in with the company culture?

You cannot fulfill your career goals. Sit down with your supervisor and discuss your career goals. Try to view your goals in increments (1 year goals, 3 year goals, 5 year goals, etc.) Be open and honest about what you want to do and where you see your career in the future. This discussion could open up new doors for you in your current company or confirm your desire to change jobs. If you do not see yourself reaching your career goals at your current company, then you should consider other options.

You would not stay for a pay increase. Almost every time I talk to people that have given a two week notice, their current employer has come back offering a salary increase for them to stay in their current role. This is a reality that could be true for you. If you know for a fact that a pay increase would not make you stay in your current role, then a job change may be in your future. Money should not be the only reason to remain with a company, but it is definitely a considering factor.

It is worth the effort to think through a job change. In the end, you will be most successful in a role that is right for you.

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