3 Things You Need To Know About Hiring Millennials

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by Doug Coley

The Millennial Impact Project constitutes millennials as young adults who are age 20-35, the children of the baby boomers. You may think they are hard to understand, but they are the future. Here are three things you need to know when hiring millennials:

1. Millennials approach their careers wanting to give back. From the research taken by The Millennial Impact Report, 92% of millennials want to work at a company that makes a positive impact in the world.  Millennials grew up in a time when fundraising for cancer walks, being “green”, and wearing TOMS shoes were not new ideas. Millennials are expecting you to tell them how your company is making a difference in the world and how they can be part of it.

2. In order for Millennials to stay, they must believe in their work. One of the top reasons for millennials to stay with a company is because they believe in the company’s mission, vision and purpose. Regardless of what your mission is, millennials can’t believe in it if they don’t know how they are fulfilling it. They want to be inspired by the good news. If the millennials in your company are not in a position to see the mission carried out first hand, then give them an opportunity to shadow others. Help them find a mentor within the company and encourage them to meet regularly. Find a way for the millennials to see the impact of their work.

3. Millennials blend work and life more than any other generation. The key to navigating this relationship is to help employees accomplish their professional and personal goals. Ask your employees to share their personal goals with you and what they need from the company in order to accomplish them. This may include an extra hour to go to the gym, bringing their dog to work or even a bonus to pay for a plane ticket to visit their mom. These things are as important as professional goals. Companies like Google, Soma and REI are doing this well and are known for having excellent work-life balance. When millennials are on their way to achieving their dreams, both personally and professionally, they will go above and beyond for your company.


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